Type of Service
Commercial Asphalt Services

Type of Property
Apartment Complex

Silver Spring, MD – Montgomery County

Asphalt, Patching, Milling, Pavement Markings, Crack Filling, Patching, Milling, Lines, Handicap Areas, No Parking Hash Marks

Project Overview

O’Leary Asphalt, Inc. provided a free estimate to the property manager of Burnt Mills Crossing in Silver Spring, MD. Upon approval, the O’Leary crew excavated the cracks, disposed of the debris and installed rubberized crack sealer to all affected areas.

After cleaning and priming the areas, O’Leary applied an environmentally friendly asphalt-based sealer. The sealer was custom designed according to traffic patterns and the texture of the asphalt.

To wrap up the project, O’Leary painted pavement markings which matched the existing design: white parking lines, handicap parking spots and no parking areas.


Crack Filling


Handicap Areas
No Parking Hash Marks

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