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O’Leary Asphalt Featured in Construction Business Review’s Top 10 Asphalt Paving Contractor 2024

O’Leary Asphalt Guiding Clients Down the Best Asphalt Path

*Originally published on Construction Business Review

Craftsmanship in the application of asphalt -a material praised for its durability, sustainability and eco-friendliness- sets apart the true leaders in construction materials.

This is where O’Leary Asphalt shines, epitomizing a blend of enduring quality and deep-rooted expertise. More than just a family-operated business, it represents a promise to tradition and a dedication to the highest standards of service. Here, excellence isn’t just advertised; it’s a substantial part of the company’s DNA, making O’Leary Asphalt a distinguished name in an industry where true expertise speaks louder than words.

As an all-encompassing asphalt construction and maintenance firm, O’Leary Asphalt offers services to a broad spectrum of clients, both in the commercial and residential sectors. Amassing more than three decades of field experience, it has cultivated expertise through direct, practical learning and rigorous apprenticeship programs. This extensive experience translates into a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from the simplest tasks of repairing minor potholes to undertaking major projects like milling and resurfacing entire neighborhoods. A cornerstone of the company’s approach is its commitment to customer guidance and communication. By addressing the complexities and potential uncertainties that clients might encounter in asphalt projects, O’Leary Asphalt provides clear, detailed no-parking maps, phasing plans and updates throughout the completion of a project.

A second-generation owner at O’Leary Asphalt, Seamus O’Leary, while talking about a core tenet of their modus operandi that makes them the top choice, says, “I think the biggest thing we’re doing is educating. By giving clients full access to the information available, we put the power in the hands of our clients to make the most intelligent, efficient decision.”

This zeal to educate clients stems from the understanding that asphalt and concrete work is a niche field where most don’t pay attention to the details. The team at O’Leary Asphalt guides clients through the process, equipping them to make informed decisions from the beginning. The first step begins by discussing and evaluating the property, providing a comprehensive proposal addressing concerns and outlining necessa1y work. If a client’s preferred solution is inadequate, the team offers alternative recommendations, regardless of project size or revenue.

Providing the best possible experience, O’Leary Asphalt delivers bespoke solutions on time. This has resulted in the company cultivating significant goodwill and a consistent stream of repeat business throughout its extensive history, solidifying itself as a OMV household name. A good example is its recent collaboration with a standalone commercial building needing parking lot rehabilitation. The existing surface was severely alligatored and deteriorating. It was found that full replacement would prove extremely costly and risky. Standard milling practices risked equipment and subgrade failure due to a suspected insufficient asphalt section.

Rather than rigidly adhering to conventional methods, O’Leary Asphalt devised an innovative overlay approach. Instead of milling off the surface asphalt, and then completing base patchwork, it decided to cut the base patches into the existing surface and stay as far away from the sub-base and sub-grade while simultaneously re-solidifying the asphalt structure. Then they overlayed the lot with a new 2″ section, covering all gutter pans and ensuring positive water drainage was achieved everywhere. This saved tens of thousands at a minimum, and hundreds of thousands at a maximum, while restoring the lot’s integrity and appearance. Going beyond standard practices to meet budget and longevity needs, the company delivered a total win.

O’Leary Asphalt’s capabilities extend beyond asphalt services with a dedication to premium snow management assistance, whether clients require immediate clearance after a storm or
stringent zero-tolerance snow management. Equipped with a diverse fleet of machinery, including skid steers and loaders, the company swiftly responds to storms of any magnitude at any time. A strong emphasis on safety and transparent communication minimizes liability while keeping clients well-informed throughout the process.

It has built its reputation on experience, equipment, adaptability, and most importantly – client education and satisfaction. Its dedication shows in each project, large or small. For clients seeking wise guidance combined with durable results, O’Leary Asphalt is the best choice.